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Can You Wash a Backpack in the Laundry?

May 16, 2024

Can You Wash Backpack In Laundry

Most kids’ backpacks can be washed in the washing machine. Some preparation and precautions should be taken in doing so, but these, like regular laundry, can be washed conveniently in a washer. The experts at Mango Fresh share some tips for washing your kid’s backpack in the washing machine.

Before getting started, always check for any tags that include wash instructions. Most kids’ backpacks can be machine washed but others must be handwashed. Now let’s begin.

How to Wash a Child's Backpack in the Laundry

  1. Empty out the bag. Unzip or unbutton all the pockets and remove all the contents. Then turn it upside down and inside out and give it a good shake; however, you might want to do this outside. If you’re emptying out a child’s backpack, get ready for pencil shavings, dust, dirt, candy wrappers, and paper debris to fall out.
  2. Vacuum out the pockets. Because of all the seems and pockets, there may be some debris left inside. Vacuum out any remaining debris.
  3. If your child’s bag has removable buckles, please remove them and clean them separately. Depending on the material they are made of you could wash with dish soap and water. Dry thoroughly with a towel.
  4. Secure the backpack in a laundry mesh bag to prevent the straps from tangling with other items (and the agitator if using a top loading washing machine).  Just be sure to balance the load when washing a kid’s backpack in a top loader.
  5. Wash in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. You may want to wash the bag once right-side out and again inside-out depending on how dirty it is.
  6. Hang dry. Do not tumble dry any backpack. The heat will obscure the seams and distort the pockets and straps.

Bonus Tips

  • Treat stubborn stains and spots with a prewash spray.
  • For sticky substances and residue, blot with warm water and a towel or sponge.
  • For especially dirty zippers, use a toothbrush and water with soap to gently scrub away the grime. Dirt, sand, and other debris can ware down zippers.

There you have it. Washing a backpack isn't a difficult task and can preserve the item for continued use. Now that your child's backpack is clean and fresh, you can store it for the next school year or use it for summer travel.

Your kid's backpack may only need to be washed occasionally but your regular laundry still has to get done every week. Mango Fresh Laundry offers laundry pickup and delivery services that is great for household wash & fold such as clothes, linens, towels, and the occasional school bag (as long as it is machine washable of course). Got other kinds of laundry, items, or commercial laundry that need to be washed but not sure if we can accept it? Then just contact us and ask. As long as your laundry is machine washable, we can most likely accept it.

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