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Towel Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service in and near San Diego, CA

Many, many businesses across multiple industries use towels and we know the techniques to get them looking bright, clean, fresh, and smelling great so that your customers won’t question your diligence and care when rendering services to them.

We have the experts, knowledge, and the right equipment and cleansing products to get your towels looking clean, smelling fresh, and feeling fluffy.

At Mango Fresh Laundry, we take pride in providing you with the best towel laundry pickup and delivery service in town. When your laundry arrives at our facility, we get to work right away. First, we sort your towels into color, white, and dark loads. We also check for any stains or spots and pre-treat them if necessary. Then, we wash everything using high-quality detergents. We use the appropriate water temperature, cycle, and load size for each load to ensure that your towels are cleaned thoroughly and gently. We will also add fabric softener to make your towels soft and fluffy.

After washing, we promptly transfer towels from washers to dryers and use high-quality dryer sheets to further enhance and ensure the soft, gentle touch your customers and guests expect from towels. Once dry, we promptly remove towels and fold everything. If you have special folding instructions, just let us know and we will fold accordingly to the best of our ability. Then we will pack everything into protective plastic bags and deliver it back to you on your schedule.

Mango Fresh Laundry is your ally in soiled and smelly towels into fresh and fluffy, clean and bright towels that give your customers and guests the right impression: that you care about their personal comfort and experience.

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