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Customers at spas, salons, and barber shops are relying on you to not only make them look great but also feel pampered. Scratchy and unsightly towels detract from being pampered but Mango Fresh Laundry can help you avoid that. We know how to get towels that look clean, smell fresh, and feel wonderful.

When you own and operate a business that caters to the personal comfort and aesthetic needs of customers, you are expected to deliver a luxurious experience. If you own and operate a hair salon or barber shop, then your customers are expecting to be wrapped in clean robes during their cut and treated with soft towels during any service. Don’t let scratch, spotty, discolored towels and linens sink your reputation.

In hair salons and barber shops, dyes and hairs often get embedded with towels and robes. In nail salons, towels often collect dead skin cells, oils, and lotions during manicure and pedicures. At spas that offer facial treatments, different clays and muds used on the skin for moisturization and exfoliation are often wiped away with towels. And if you operate a spa that offers massage, then you must provide clean bedding and linens, free of stains and spots from previous customers. Oils and lotions can leave behind some unsightly stains.

Mango Fresh Laundry is your ally in taking away such dirty laundry and using commercial-grade techniques, industrial equipment, and high-quality spot treatments and detergents to remove the build-up and stains from past services. Your customers are expecting to be pampered so let us help you pamper them by taking the laundry off your shoulders.

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