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Tips for Managing Laundry When Hosting Guests During the Holidays

November 16, 2023

Family Gathering

With the holidays upon us, millions of Americans will travel to visit and even stay with their families. Some folks will host their loved ones in their own homes. As the luggage piles up in the guest rooms, and seats fill up at the table, so does laughter and cheer in the room. Something you, as host, might be concerned with is guest laundry piling up in a corner.

Visiting family means more laundry and the experience as a host can be similar to that of a bed and breakfast. You need to provide clean bedding, fresh towels, and perhaps closet space for items they want to hang. As they unpack and use their luggage items, the laundry will pile up. There are ways to manage this. Get ready because it requires preparation.

First, prepare your laundry room before your guests arrive. Make sure you have enough laundry supplies, such as detergent, softener, bleach, and dryer sheets. You may also want to get some hypoallergenic products for guests with sensitive skin. Then, clear some space in your laundry room for your guests to use. You can also provide them with laundry baskets, hampers, or bags to store their dirty clothes.

Next, make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home. You can offer them some closet space or a garment rack to hang their clothes that don’t need washing. You can also provide them with extra hangers, hooks, or racks to hang their towels after use. You can also let them know that they are free to use your washer and dryer whenever they need to.

Finally, consider outsourcing your laundry to a professional service like Mango Fresh Laundry. This way, you can save time and energy and focus on enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. You can simply gather all the dirty laundry from your guests, including bedding and towels, and schedule a pickup and delivery with Mango Fresh Laundry. We  will wash, dry, and fold everything for you and your guests, and deliver it back to you in no time. You can relax and have fun, knowing that your laundry is in good hands.

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