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New Energy Standards for Washers and Dryers on the Horizon

March 29, 2024

Washer And Dryer 1800X900

Starting in 2028, new washing machines and dryers will need to be more energy efficient by law. This means they will use less electricity and water to run, saving you money on your utility bills. According to Your Source News, the United States government estimates that washers will be 3% more efficient and dryers 11% more efficient. Top-load washers will also use 28% less water. Some people worried these new machines wouldn't clean clothes as well, but the new rules were agreed on by both environmental groups and washing machine companies. The goal is to save energy and help the environment.

You may be dealing with washers and dryers at home that, despite their current energy and water saving value, simply take a toll on your time. It's not unusual for a home front loader to take up to an hour to wash just one load of clothes. Heck, it uses less water, but takes longer. And with more stringent energy consumption regulations coming in 2028, who knows how much longer laundry might take at home or at the laundromat.

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