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Why You Need to Pair a Laundry Service with Your Airbnb's Cleaning Service

March 08, 2024

Housekeeping Cleaning Service

Ever wonder about the best way to handle laundry turnover for your Airbnb or VRBO property? While cleaning services are fantastic for keeping your space sparkling, let's explore some options to ensure your linens and towels are consistently fresh for each guest!

If you have a reliable cleaning service, that is great. Cleaning services are great for cleaning rooms, floors, surfaces, and putting everything back where it should be and organizing tabletops, media shelves, countertops, and anything else left out for guests to use (like countertop appliances). But cleaners have to be fast.

Did you know that many cleaning services thrive when they can clean as many homes and offices as possible in a short amount of time? This industry values speed and efficiency and doing laundry can actually slow down a cleaning crew from getting from one job to the next.

Many door-to-door housekeepers rely on fitting in as many jobs into a schedule to earn their living. Sometimes this results in laundry falling to the wayside. No cleaning crew wants to wait for the dryer to finish drying a load when they have another job to get to. In cases like this, cleaners may prematurely remove, fold, or replace bedding and towels slightly damp, and then move on with their already packed schedule. And do you know what can happen with the linens and towels that are left damp? Mildew—smelly, stinky mildew.

Arriving at an Airbnb, guests expect a clean and comfortable space, which hinges on fresh bedding and towels. Imagine their disappointment (and potential for negative online reviews) if they encounter questionable odors emanating from the sheets or discover towels that, despite lacking a strong smell or visible mold, feel damp – a surefire way to leave anyone feeling less than refreshed. After all, who wants to climb into bed with lingering doubts, or dry off with a towel that doesn't quite do its job? By ensuring thorough cleaning and drying of linens between guests, you create a fresh and inviting space that contributes to positive reviews and happy guests.

So, take it from us, the experts at Mango Fresh Laundry. Let the cleaning companies do what they do best: cleaning; and let us do what we do best: your VRBO or Airbnb laundry. Uncover more about how our Airbnb laundry service can compliment your cleaning service, keep your guests happy, and ultimately beget more bookings.

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